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JR All Shikoku Rail Pass in ordinary cars

Get unlimited rides on all six railways in Shikoku island.

The All Shikoku Rail Pass is a new rail pass for exclusive use by foreign tourists, providing unlimited train travel on Shikoku on 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days.



Child (6-11 years)
2 days pass 6,300 yen  3,150 yen 
3 days pass 7,200 yen  3,600 yen 
4 days pass 7,900 yen  3,950 yen 
5 days pass 9,700 yen  4,850 yen 

Validity and conditions

1)Unlimited use of unreserved and reserved seats on all trains operated by JR Shikoku, Kotoden, Iyotetsu, Tosaden, Tosa Kuroshio Railway and the Asa Kaigan Railway, except the Seto Sunrise overnight train. JR trains can be used as far as Kojima Station, the first station north of the Seto Ohashi Bridge on Honshu Island.

2)Pass holders are entitled to discounts on the airport buses between Takamatsu and Takamatsu Airport, Matsuyama and Matsuyama Airport and Kochi and Kochi Ryoma Airport.

3)The pass is valid on consecutive calendar days (midnight to midnight).

4)Green car (first class) seats cannot be used.

5)Only foreign visitors to Japan (on a temporary visitor visa) can use the All Shikoku Rail Pass. It cannot be used by residents of Japan.

6)The pass can only be used by a single person. It cannot be transfered between multiple persons. The pass holder has to carry his/her passport at all times.

※Handling fee (VAT 21% is included)

The handling fee is subject to how many Rail Pass(es) you order.
Please note that we do not charge handling fees for the customer who purchases flight ticket to Japan from us.

  • Eur 15,00 per pass -If you purchase 1 or 2 Japan Rail Pass(or JR Regional Pass)
  • Eur 10,00 per pass -If you purchase 3 or 4 Japan Rail Passes(or JR Regional Pass)
  • Eur 5,00 per pass - If you purchase 5 or more Japan Rail Passes(or JR Regional Pass)

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