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JR West rail passes in ordinary cars

Great deal to travel Kansai and Chugoku(Sanyo-San’in) Area

The JR West rail pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign visitors to Japan, providing unlimited travel on local JR trains.
 Area Duration Adults Child (6-11 years)
Kansai Area 1 day 2,200 yen 1,100 yen
2 day 4,300 yen 2,150 yen
3 day 5,300 yen 2,650 yen
4 day 6,300 yen 3,150 yen
Kansai Wide Area 5 day 8,500 yen 4,250 yen
Kansai-Hiroshima Area 5 day 13,000 yen 6,500 yen
Kansai-Hokuriku Area  7 day 15,000 yen 7,500 yen
Hokuriku Area   4 day 5,000 yen 2,500 yen
Sanyo-San'in Area  7 day  19,000 yen 9,500 yen
 Hiroshima-Yamaguchi Area  5 day  11,000 yen 5,500 yen
San'in-Okayama Area   4 day  4,500 yen 2,250 yen
Setouchi Area   5 day 16,000 yen 8,000 yen

Validity and conditions

1)The pass is valid on consecutive calendar days (midnight to midnight).

2)Use of Green Car (superior class) is allowed but subject to an additional charge.

3)Only foreign visitors to Japan (on a temporary visitor visa) can use the JR West Rail Pass. It cannot be used by residents of Japan.

4)The pass can only be used by a single person. It cannot be transfered between multiple persons. The pass holder has to carry his/her passport at all times.

The prices indicated above are Japanese YEN. The actual cost in Euro is calculated at the time the Exchange Order is issued. Plese note that the purchase exchange rate may differ from the exchange rate in effect when you actually visit Japan.

Prices are subject to change. The applicable price is the price valid on the date when an Exchange Order is issued.
A JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be purchased inside Japan.You must purchase an Exchange Order from us before you go to Japan.

※Handling fee (VAT 21% is included)

The handling fee is subject to how many Rail Pass(es) you order.
Please note that we do not charge handling fees for the customer who purchases flight ticket to Japan from us.

  • Eur 15,00 per pass -If you purchase 1 or 2 Japan Rail Pass(or JR Regional Pass)
  • Eur 10,00 per pass -If you purchase 3 or 4 Japan Rail Passes(or JR Regional Pass)
  • Eur 5,00 per pass - If you purchase 5 or more Japan Rail Passes(or JR Regional Pass)

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